3BSpec: Projector Shroud, Type 27 (pr)

Type 27 Projector Shroud (pr)

Please note that shrouds are sold in pairs.

- Depth: 51mm / 2.00-inch
- Width: 127mm / 5-inch
- Height: 127mm / 5-inch
- Lens Diameter: 63.50mm / 2.5-inch
This shroud will require modification to properly fit the Morimoto projector. In our experience, it is better to "fixed mount" the shroud to the headlight and leave the projector free-floating. This is something commonly seen on most OEM projector 1PC Headlights.
This is a limited stock item.
Type 27, Projector Shroud
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  • Item #: 3BSpec_Shrd-Type27
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