3BSpec: Mini D2S / D4S Bixenon Projectors, 2.5-Inch

Mini D2S Bixenon Projector (1 pr)

This uniquely small projector greatly simplifies the retrofitting process by allowing the installer to use a threaded lock nut, to avoid the process of having to cut, trim, and fabricate a mount, inside the headlight assembly. Using a 2.5-inch lens, full bi-xenon capable, it is easy enough for any amateur to jump right in and have a full running retrofit in less than 3-hours.

Please note that shrouds are sold separately.

- Bi-Xenon Projector
- Bulb Size: D2S (D4S compatible)
- Max Depth: 5.35-Inch
- Max Height: 2.75-Inch
- Max Width: 3.14-Inch
- Lens Diameter: 2.5-Inch
3B Spec: Mini D2S Retrofit Bixenon Projectors
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