3BSpec: H4 / 9003 Bi-Xenon HID Kit - 50w AC Digital

3BSpec Plug-and-Play HID Xenon Conversion Kit

Kit comes with:
(2) Bi-Xenon retractable bulbs
(2) HID Ballast
-- 50w Digital Ballasts: 30% brighter light output.
Plug-and-Play or Relay Wiring Harness
Installation Guide (now posted online)
Mounting Hardware
1-Year standard warranty. 3-Year extended warranty optional.

To check what kit you will need for your car, please visit Sylvania's Bulb Replacement Guide

Bulbs often go by multiple names. The following are the cross references.

HB1 = 9004 H10 / 9145 = 9005 HID
HB2 / 9003 = H4 H13 = 9008
HB3 = 9005 9012 = 9006 HID
HB4 = 9006 9011 = 9005 HID
HB5 = 9007 H11B = H11 HID
H8 / H9 = H11 HID 2504 = 5202 HID or P13W
Verify before ordering

Click on a kelvin rating below to see the color.

Note: 50w ballasts will optically drop the temperature 1000k when compared to similar bulbs using 35w ballasts.

Note: Headlight and fog light housing sizes will affect the color output. Refraction housings and dirty headlights will emit more color than clear reflector housings.

Kelvin colors
5000k HID Kit
6000k HID Kit
8000k HID Kit
10000k HID Kit
12000k HID Kit
3000k HID Kit
Blue HID Kit
Blue HID Kit
Blue HID Kit
  Blue HID Kit

Harness Options:

-- Plug-and-Play Bi-Xenon Harness: Allows you to connect directly from the headlight socket to the ballast.

Applicable to most vehicles.


-- Bi-Xenon Relay Harness: Standard relay harness used on all Bi-Xenon kits.

Note that the use of a relay harness, negates all benefits of running Canbus ballasts. For vehicles with Canbus systems, use the Warning Canceler PnP Harness

Click here for all HID instructions


-- Warning Canceler Harness (PnP Only): Required for vehicles with Canbus ECU's. Designed to eliminate the lamp out error and flickering, caused by the vehicle's ECU. These work on 98% of vehicles that require a warning canceler.

These are designed to be installed between the HID bulbs plug-and-play harness and the ballast.
Click here for installation instructions using warning cancelers.

Notable vehicles that these are required on.
- All BMW's from 1998 and up
- All Mercedes from 1998 and up
- Recommended for all Fords from 2008 and up
- 2002-2005 Dodge Ram (required for headlights)
- 2009-2013 Dodge Ram (required for headlights)
- Recommended for all Dodge / Jeep / Chrysler from 2004 and up
- Recommended for all Hyundai from 2010 and up
- Recommended for all Kia from 2010 and up

This list is by no means comprehensive and we keep an internal application chart for vehicles based on customer feedback and local experience.

Blue HID Kit
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Click here for all HID instructions
Click here for the Ballast Specs
Click here for the Ballast FAQ
Click here for the Harness FAQ
Click here for the Warranty / Return FAQ

Shipping Notes:

Standard shipping is sent by USPS Priority

Warranty and Returns:
  • Returns are limited to 14 business days after receiving the shipment.
  • Customer will be responsible for shipping on all returns.
  • There is a 15% restocking fee on all returns.
  • Defective parts will be replaced at our discretion, and limited to the replacement of one full HID kit.
  • Warranties for these kits are handled in-house. Customer may be subject to shipping and service charges for warranty parts.
  • Any charges accrued for shipping, removal, installation, or re-installation will not be covered.

Disclaimer: For off-road use only.

3BSpec: H4 / 9003 Bi-Xenon HID Kit - 50w AC Digital
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