3BSpec: D2S HID Bulbs (pr) - 30000k

D2S bulbs, for use in vehicles with factory HIDs. Plug and play, no other modifications required.

Will work in both D2S and D2R applications. Recommended for use with factory reflector headlights. Do not attempt to use in D4S applications.

Warranty and Returns:

  • Returns are limited to 14 business days after receiving the shipment.
  • Customer will be responsible for shipping on all returns.
  • There is a base 10% restocking fee on all returns. If parts returned are used (wires cut, damaged, broken, improper installation, missing packaging parts), the restocking fee may be subject up to 50%.
  • Defective parts will be replaced at our discretion, and limited to the replacement of one full HID kit.
  • Customer may be subject to shipping charges for warranty parts.
  • Any charges accrued for shipping, removal, installation, or reinstallation will not be covered.

Disclaimer: For off-road use only.

3BSpec: D2S HID Bulbs (pr) - 30000k
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