3BSpec: CCFL Angel Eyes, 100mm

CCFL Angel Eyes

* Size: 100mm / 3.94-Inch (Outer Diameter)
* Size: 82.55mm / 3.25-Inch (Inner Diameter)
* Solid plastic ring
* Bright enough to be visible during daylight
* Sold in pairs
* Includes two inverters
* Available in the following colors:
- White, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange

Operational Specs:
Operating Amps:6.5A
Operating Watts: 3W
Frequency: 40 HZ
Lumen Voltage: 700 Vrms
Brightness: 32,000 Cd/M2
Color Temperature: 6000K (White Only)
Lifespan: 20,000 hours

LED vs CCFL Angel Eyes

Advantages of CCFL Angel Eyes
* Plastic shroud emits illuminates a solid light.
* Available in pre-formed shapes for vehicle specific applications.
* Matches CCFL and LED angel eyes on existing projector headlights.

Advantages of LED Angel Eyes
* Simple design allows for easier installation.
* No CCFL inverters, which reduces a failure point.
* Custom designs can be made for relatively low costs.

Shipping Note:
Backorders are handled in the order they are received.
CCFL Angel Eye Halos
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